The 4th Generation

Out of the frying pan.......

The story so far

The crew of the TPS Concordant sits in the docking bay at Beijing Spaceport or Earth as Jack meets up with an old contact, who pays off a perceived debt by gifting Jack with a slave, a boy of about 10 years.

The PCs track down the boy’s origins to Proxima Centauri discovering that he was kidnapped, and was the son of the CEO of North American Habitat, a division of LFC. The PCs fought their way through the group of conspirators trying to keep him away from his parents, led by his uncle Arthur, who disappeared when his plot was thwarted.

The Concordant then travelled to Ross 154 to meet with Elijah’s SET contacts, and was given an assignment to track down the step-son of Anton Kerensky, scion of SET, who is dying. The mission is sponsored by his son Erich, expected to take over as CEO, and has professed a longing to bring Trenton back into the company. Trenton left after a falling our with his father many years earlier. Elijah (and Mallory are assigned to track Trenton down and bring him back. he was last seen on Gliese 667…..

Preparing to depart, Jack gets a plea for help from her old friend Jana Nery; who, in the video message, appears to be killed in some sort of explosion. After investigation the PCs determine that she is not dead. In fact, they track her back to the mansion of Merlin Alcantar on Ross 154.

After some tense negotiations, Jack calls in a Consortium favor and gets Jana off the hook for her attempted betrayal, but gains more debt with the Consortium in the mean time.


MCOlson MCOlson

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